With two historic castles within minutes of the coastline, Balbriggan is a town unmatched by any other on the east coast in having these on its doorstep. There is a host of activities in the surrounding area of Balbriggan for the young at heart such as sporting activities, parklands and Balbriggan Golf Club which is among the premier courses in Leinster. Balbriggan has a proud maritime culture and boasts a working harbour which is immediately recognisable, with its guiding lighthouse. Balbriggan is a lively spot with an abundance of festivals and nightlife activities overlooked by our historic Harbour.

Visit Balbriggan

Visit Balbriggan

Balbriggan’s Tourism Committee, which brings together representatives of community and business interests, aims to develop a tourism proposition which will capitalise on the wonderful assets in this area – our industrial history, our maritime culture, our castles and our beaches.

Balbriggan enjoys a very fortunate geographical location. It is a seaside town with great rail and bus links to Dublin and Belfast as well as a close proximity to Dublin Airport. Within an easy reach of Balbriggan are some amazing facilities such as the Seamus Ennis Arts Centre, Courtlough Adventure Centre, Gormanston Park, Balrothery Heritage Centre and many more exciting venues just waiting to be explored.

With work nearing completion on Bremore Castle, Balbriggan Chamber will lead in focusing the relevant parties to ensure that this valuable resource is open to the public in the near future. We envisage this as a space to capture the essence of Balbriggan and to encourage all types of events and happenings to play out within its walls and its gardens.

Ardgillan Castle, a jewel in the crown of Fingal heritage sites, is open to the public to picnic, take afternoon tea, play and enjoy. The Chamber will work closely with the relevant authorities to create a walk and cycleway to join Bremore to Ardgillan along the coastline going forward.

The wonderful assets in this area - our industrial history, our maritime culture, our castles and our beaches.

Keeping Balbriggan Moving


Balbriggan is centrally located between all of the major towns in North County Dublin. We are just off the M1 motorway and all of our public transport is within walking distance. So our town provides many convenient ways for travellers to get around. You are never very far from anywhere when in Balbriggan.