The high street retail sector has seen a sea-change in how business is conducted over the last decade.

In Balbriggan there are over 130 retailers, many of those are successful and well established. However, the Chamber recognises the challenges faced by all businesses, especially the high street retail sector. One of the biggest challenges to overturn lies in finding new ways to encourage people to ‘come into town’ again. Now that the economy has turned the corner, there is already evidence in Balbriggan of an increase in business.

The success of the Balbriggan Town Centre Improvement Grant Scheme has created a more aesthetically pleasing and more vibrant streetscape for people to shop in.

Balbriggan has a range of shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, a 4-star hotel and other amenities & services. With commercial space available at affordable rents, new retail businesses are continuing to set up in the town.