Location Balbriggan is located on the East Coast
of Ireland, 30 minutes north of Dublin city.
Belfast Dublin
Access Irish Rail provides high frequency
services via Balbriggan to travellers
on the direct route from Belfast to
Dublin city centre.
Balbriggan is just 24KM (20 minutes)
from Dublin International Airport.
Bus Eireann operates from
Balbriggan via Dublin Airport
to Dublin every 20 minutes
Balbriggan has easy access to
the M1 Motorway, which is a direct route
to Dublin and Belfast city centres.
Balbriggan is strategically located
with easy access to the M1 Motorway
Population Dundalk Dublin
City Centre
16% of the population of Balbriggan
and surrounding areas speaks
a foreign language
30% of the population of Balbriggan
and surrounding areas has 3rd level
33% of the population of Balbriggan
and surrounding areas works in a
professional occupation
DKIT Trinity
ITB UCD There are several major universities only 40 minutes
from Balbriggan, easily accessible by bus or train.

Business Infrastructure

Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce envisages Balbriggan as ‘Dublin’s Place to Be’ –
to live, work and do business.

Balbriggan is the envy of many towns in Ireland. Our connectivity both nationally and internationally is largely unrivalled anywhere in the country. So whether it is the city centre, colleges, ports or the airport you need to get to, getting to and from Balbriggan can be done with ease. We are also well placed in the digital and utility infrastructural space. With access to an educated workforce, existing building solutions and over 200 acres of zoned land available in the Balbriggan hinterland we are particularly attractive to business clusters looking for a suitable location to do business in Ireland and become part of a thriving commercial centre in North County Dublin.


Major Businesses Located in Balbriggan