2020 Vision A Blueprint For Future Development In Balbriggan

Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce has a vision for Balbriggan in 2010, which aims to drive growth in employment and prosperity while retaining a good quality of life for all Balbriggan residents. In this document, our aspirations are balanced with achievable actions for Balbriggan over the next five years.

Five key areas have been identified by the Chamber and form the blueprint for the future development of our town. This vision has been designed by the Chamber of Commerce to ensure the commercial and social development of Balbriggan now and into the future.

Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce was established over a quarter of a century ago to be the voice of business in Balbriggan. The Chamber continues to actively campaign, lobby and challenge decision-makers on behalf of its members. We also play a major role as a key influencer in promoting Balbriggan as a location for industry and tourism. We focus on attracting investment while also helping to create a town full of opportunity and diversity for residents, visitors and investors.

The power of the Chamber’s unified voice for Balbriggan has had a number of successes over the years. It helped give the town credibility and status within the Fingal region. As a result of the Chamber’s efforts there was increased investment in the town centre – a new hotel, bigger and better retail establishments, the birth and growth of industrial estates (eg. Stephenstown, Fingal Bay and M1 Business Park) and better connectivity to the airport, Dublin city centre and the rest of Ireland including Northern Ireland through improved rail line services and a link – up with the M1 motorway.

As the national economy turns a corner and consumer confidence has returned, the Chamber recognises this is the time to rebuild Balbriggan. To this end Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce is committed to the promotion of Balbriggan as a standout location for business and as a leading light within the Fingal Economic Corridor.