Balbriggan Creative Quarter


We believe that it is the smaller, creative enterprises that are vital for driving the future re-vitalization of Balbriggan and it is our ambition to make Balbriggan known as the centre of creativity and innovation.

Balbriggan Creative Quarter is a concept that came out of the Balbriggan branch of Fumbally Exchange located in Railway Street, Balbriggan. Currently, Balbriggan Creative Quarter is a network of individual, small-scale, creative businesses including architects, translators, photographers, graphic designers, film and video producers, IT specialists and web designers and other technology focused businesses. Within the Creative Quarter there is also, for example, a state of the art recording studio, a pottery workshop and a jeweller, – an intriguing mix of creative activity.

Balbriggan’s town centre has a rich history of industry and enterprise. The town had grown around its famous milling and textile manufacturing industries of the past which were the lifeblood of Balbriggan. The word ‘Balbriggan’ used to be synonymous with high quality knitted cotton fabric used for stockings and underwear.

It is our belief that the time has come to focus on the nimbler and more progressive industries of the future, such as IT, creative media and digital industries. We envisage that the Balbriggan Creative Quarter concept will expand and grow to deliver a unique proposition for doing business in Balbriggan.

Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce champions the Creative Quarter with a vision that Balbriggan will become the creative capital of the M1 Economic Corridor, with a thriving town centre.


Creative Quarter Business Profiles

Balbriggan Creative Quarter is home to a host of creative professionals and entrepreneurial thinkers with an eclectic mix of expertise such as film makers, designers, architects, translators, photographers, artists and more.



  • Molly’s Cafe
  • Cinema
  • Fumbally Exchange
    Creative Businesses located here include: KT Designs, Urtex Translations, ClearStar Marketing Consultancy, Property Button.
  • Jump Films
  • Station Studios
  • Photo Studio Balbriggan
  • Brick Room Cafe
  • Touch Design Ceramics